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Please remember that I am not a pro and FBDD is only my hobby project. I don't take any money for my work, I don't claim that FBDD outperforms any other algorithm. I am very happy to hear that some people find the results usable - nothing more.


DCB demosaicing info


FBDD denoising info

If you know anything about compiling you can download my hacked dcraw, compile it and convert some of your images. The code is open source (BSD licence) therefore can be used by anyone, still I take NO RESPONSIBILITY for any damages made by the code. My implementation is slow and may not work with some cameras. If this seems to be too complicated you can dowload latest development version of RawTherapee where DCB was implemented.

Download source code:
All options of dcraw are original, but there are few new ones.
-q 4 turns on the DCB demosaicing
-Q sets the number of DCB correction routines (for example -Q 3 will run the routine three times, the default is zero), this helps if you see lots of wrong interpolation directions, just remember that it may produce new artifacts elswhere. Usually -Q 2 is the optimum. Works only with DCB.
-E turns off the default image refinement. Use it if you prefer softer demosaicing. Works only with DCB.
-N 1 turns on pre demosaicing FBDD image denoising. Works with all demosaicing methods.
-N 2 turns on pre demosaicing FBDD image denoising with chroma noise reduction. Works with all demosaicing methods.


23rd of july 2010 New release brings new primary interpolation and refinement as well as some other improvements. Algorithm resolves nyquist better and faster while many edges are less jagged (high contrast ones are still jagged but this is job for the future). New refinement gives better results unfortunately all wrong interpolation directions are more visible now because of better sharpness of the image (hard to see in real life photography). Other news is that I will no longer provide binaries for linux and windows. Only source code. If you want to check out DCB you should get interested in RawTherapee where it was implemented. At the moment development version of RawTherapee has DCB with many speed enhancements made by Fabio Suprani (this implementation is about 10 to 20 times faster than my code!). Fabio kindly agreed to improve and implement latest release of DCB into RawTherapee so there is no point in releasing binaries of dcb! Source code is still available under BSD licence.
22nd of february 2010 this release fixes two nasty bugs that were found, no new options or other changes.
19th of february 2010 - major DCB improvement: only one version of DCB (instead of DCB_soft and DCB_sharp) is included, totally new image refinement (on by default) that may be turned off using -E option (-E no longer blurs colors, this algorithm was useless therefore removed). The refinement improves sharpness, details, noise renedering and removes false colors.
5th of february 2010 - FBDD denoising added and DCRAW updated to 8.99
16th of august 2009 - this release fixes a bug that made some border pixels look bad and updats to DCRAW 8.96
15th of august 2009 - DCB goes open source, new, sharper version as well as fine tuning available
22nd of may 2009 - the algorithm is even slower still gives less artifacts.
2nd of may 2009 - the algorithm was greatly improved. It is able to resolve more dense horizontal/vertical lines and the softness issue is finally gone. Unfortunately this made the algorithm significantly slower.


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