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The goal of this project is to provide photographers with all information they may need to do their art using linux operating system. Don't miss software and test sections - you may find many usefull informations there. Please explore this website and feel free to contact me if you want to add your own content.

    New version of DCB released!

    After a loooong break I come back with new release of DCB. It is faster and gives smoother images while amount of details is nearly the same. More in changelog. NOTICE THAT ONLY SOURCE CODE IS AVAILABLE NOW!

    23 07 2010

    Lightroom 3 beta 2 tested

    Latest beta of Lightroom introduces some important changes in algorithms.

    27 03 2010

    New options for FBDD denoising

    There are 2 versions of FBDD. Use -N 1 for the old FBDD, and -N 2 for new (slower but it removes some chroma noise). Send Feedback!

    20 03 2010

    Capture One test updated

    The latest Capture One Pro 5.1 was tested.

    24 02 2010

    A "brown bag" release of DCB.

    Two bug were found and fixed. If you experienced bad border rendition or totally massed-up images, try to download the binaries (or source code) again. Please report if any new bug is found!

    22 02 2010

    A bug in DCB has been found!

    Please wait for new, bugfree version that should be released soon.

    21 02 2010

    New version of DCB!

    New version of DCB gives sharper and better results than ever, check out the new options!

    20 02 2010

    FBDD available!

    FBDD denoising is available as binary (linux and windows) as well as source code (BSD licence). Send feedback!

    5 02 2010

    FBDD denoising is coming!

    My new denoising algorithm is nearly finished. First samples can be seen on dedicated website.

    3 02 2010

    Software test update!

    Software test section updated. New betas of Bibble and Lightroom as well as new versions of Capture One, DXO and SilkyPix are tested.

    23 12 2010

    DCB goes open source!

    My DCB demosaicing algorithm was improved (there are 2 versions available, and user can fine tune both of them). I also decided to release the source code under BSD licence

    15 08 2009

    new version of DCB!

    My DCB demosaicing algorithm was improved. It works really slow but gives even less artifacts. Please send feedback!

    22 05 2009

    greatly improved DCB!

    My DCB demosaicing algorithm was rewritten and gives better than ever results. Please send feedback!

    2 05 2009

    DCB updated and nearly finished!

    All of you that want to test latest version of DCB (called iDCB) can download my modified DCRAW. Please send feedback!

    13 04 2009

    Website dedicated to DCB launched

    All people interested in my demosaicing algorithm can get some additional information and comparisons visiting this website.

    27 02 2009

    New demosaicing algorithm posted

    I wrote new demosaicing algorithm called DCB and added it to the comparison (demosaicing comparison as well as noise reduction comparison) I don't claim it's state of the art but it is relatively fast and gives pleasing results. I am open for any suggestions and discussion.

    16 02 2009

    Major update

    New article about photographing water droplets is out! That's not all. Aperture finally found it's way to the software comparison so all you Apple fans can finally compare it with other software. If you check other sections (links, software), be prepared to see some small updates too.

    06 02 2009

    New software ahead!

    Last few weeks were quite exciting. First new UFRaw, then release candidate of RawTherapee, and now Bibble 5 preview. I was hoping to update my tests but unfortunately the preview does not support Konica Minolta cameras! This will be fixed, still I had to download some Sony and Nikon raw files to see if Bibble works. first conclusion - it is still a preview, a lot things is missing, some crashes happen. Image quality is not revolutionary and I was a bit dissapointed but to be ohnest there IS a progress.

    02 02 2009

    Tests updated!

    Jan Korbel asked me to add UFRaw to the comparison. In fact I thought that algorithms in UFRaw are all from DCRaw but this turned out to be not true for highlight recovery. If you are interested in UFRaw just check out DCRaw results and dedicated test in highlight recovery section. By the way I have corrected a small mistake I made testing DCRaw (white balance was not set perfectly correct in highlight recovery test).

    08 01 2009

    Tests updated!

    U have updated Raw Therapee to beta 2 version - differences are visible in highlight recovery.

    13 11 2008

    Tests updated!

    I have just finished updating tests section. Now one can compare latest software including Raw Therapee 2.4 beta (it is buggy therefore some results are clearly wrong). The testing procedure was improved to provide even better (more fair) comparison. One can notice that some of the applications are missing. It is true. Raw Magick seems to be a dead project and I decided to not include it. Kolev Raw is not dead but information about releasing it under linux "soon" turned out to be not true (and I couldn't contact the developer to get any info about that). The last application that is missing is Helicon Filter. I am sorry but quality of this software is so bad that I couldn't even set the right white balance what killed the whole "comparison" idea. Don't worry, the good news is that I hope to add Aperture soon.

    06 11 2008

    I am redoing my tests!

    I have already prepared new tests for C1 pro, DXO, Lightroom and others. From now on updates will be uploaded. This will take some time but please be patient and remember that until the whole process end the test part of this website may contain bugs!

    03 11 2008

    New article: Creative 30 seconds exposures

    New article about taking long exposures using weak light sources.

    14 10 2008

    Second part of "Building a linux photo PC" and minor webpage update

    New article - "Building a linux photo PC - software" was added. Some new updates to LINKS and SOFTWARE (for example new links to color management applications). CIElab blending was added as third highlight recovery algorithm for RawTherapee

    03 7 2008

    New article and minor webpage update

    New article - "Building a linux photo PC - hardware" was added. It describes my experience with buying a new PC dedicated to photography. Its second part - dedicated to software - will be introduced later. There are also small updates in LINKS and SOFTWARE sections.

    07 6 2008

    PhotoLinux cooperates with LinuxPhoto

    My website and LinuxPhoto forum have the same goal therefore we joined forces. Visit the forum to discuss everything connected with photography and linux. Just use the link on the top of the page.

    02 6 2008

    Commercial version of Lightzone for linux released!

    Lightcrafts decided to start selling Lightzone for linux. All new or existing customers are allowed to use it! Current version is 3.5 but there is one difference between linux and other OS releases - there is no Lightzone Basic. Go to lightcrafts website for details about current pricing and PROMOTIONS!

    03 5 2008

    Software test redone!

    It was a while since I updated the website but I was working hard to improve it. Today I present the result - a totally new software test! New page layout for better viewing, new or updated software, new test shots and totally new shadow recovery, sharpening and white balance tests!

    19 4 2008


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