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This section is full of links to programs usefull for photographers. Not all of them are open source and not all of them are free but all works under linux. Give them a try and write a review if you think you could do a good one.

    RAW developers and RAW workflow

    Bibble by Bibble Labs:
    Commercial, professional RAW workflow for fast development of large number of photographs. The linux release is fully supported and fully featured. Program is able to do all corrections needed in a workflow. If you are looking for a great noise reduction give it a try as it incorporates noise ninja algorithm. Be sure not to miss wonderfull plugins (some of them are free) and if you are willing to write one - ask Bibblelabs for an SDK.

    open source photo management for KDE, surprisingly good quality, quite complete application, some GUI improvements needed to make processing faster (GUI is designed for amateurs). Good RAW support.

    an open source and platform independent RAW converter. It is based on dcraw and features corrections driven by lensfun and a processing pipe with enhancement and creative filters which work on 16 bit linear data.

    jdlRaw is an open-source program to read and 'develop' RAW images from most digital cameras. It reads raw images using a modified version of Dave Coffin's raw conversion utility DCRaw.

    Lightzone by Lightcrafts:
    It is an application with some DAM capabilities and unique editing features, dedicated to photography, not computer graphics. Please read the review for more details. Does not seem to be developed actively. Commercial licence.

    Raw Studio :
    Open source, GTK RAW developer. Very fast and simple, so if you are looking for something that will simply convert your RAWs into jpegs or tiffs reproducing colors right (white balance, color management) try Rawstudio. If you want to do some more processing look for something different or export images through rawstudio to image editor. Supports nearly all RAWs as it uses DCRaw for decoding and demosaicing.

    Raw Therapee by Gábor Horváth:
    Open source, GTK application that delivers surprisingly high quality.

    UFRaw by Udi Fuchs :
    It used to be open source plugin for the GIMP allowing it to open RAW files using DCRaw. Now it is not only a plugin for GIMP and Cinepaint but also a standalone RAW developer. It allows user to tweak the conversion selecting demosaicing algorithm, gamma value, white balance and some more. If you are looking for low level developer - here it is. If you want to do something more you need something more than this. It allows to do command line batch processing.

    photo manipulation (not all applications have RAW support)

    Cinepaint :
    an open source painting program used to retouch movies, frame by frame, GTK1, some advanced features

    CitraFX :
    commercial set of filters for processing digital photos and images.

    DCRaw-assist :
    KDE GUI for DCRaw and Image Magic

    well known open source, GTK image editor, lack some features needed in photo retouching, RAW support via UFRaw plugin

    GIMPshop :
    This is GIMP that tries to look like Photoshop, no new features, only changes in GUI

    ImageJ :
    java open source image editor for technical and scientific purposes, quite fast

    imagiNAC :
    open source application for massive image processing, developed by National Digital Archive of Poland (Narodowe Archiwum Cyfrowe) and released under GPL v3.

    Krita :
    image editor, a part of Koffice, some interesting features

    Paint Mono : is a great open source application for windows. Paint Mono is a linux port (from .net to mono platform) done by Miguel de Icaza (blog). It is unofficial and may contain bugs but definately worth tracking.

    Phantasmagoria :
    free for personal use, java image editor, not very usefull in photography (maybe for special effects)

    Pixel :
    commercial, fully featured image editor, trial available, some advantages over GIMP

    PixInsight :
    commercial astrophotography application with many features (RAW support, color management), QT

    photo managing (not all applications have RAW support)

    Album shaper:
    open source application for organizing, annotating, framing, enhancing, stylizing, and sharing digital photos

    open source, Mono based, photo management for GNOME, lack some features, basic RAW support

    flPhoto :
    FLTK based photo management and basic photo manipulation program, supports RAW

    Fotoxx :
    open source, GTK application for image editing, panorama stitching and HDR

    GOFoto :
    manages large collection of photos, creates web galleries and videoCD

    GTKphotogallery :
    simple GTK photo manager (rotating, moving, doing backup and simple webgalleries)

    GTKrawgallery :
    simple GTK photo viewer that opens RAW files using DCRaw

    jBrout :
    photo manager, with some interesting features

    KoffeePhoto :
    organize, share and backup your photos

    KPhotoAlbum :
    an open source photo manager for KDE

    KPhotoBook :
    rather old photo management for KDE

    Mapivi :
    open source image management

    Mission Photo :
    an open source, GTK+, very simple, and very basic image management

    Photovault :
    GPL photo archiving/managing application, needs java

    Picasa by Google :
    linux version of amateur, free application, slow since it uses WINE, but looks good, basic RAW support

    XnView :
    freeware (but only for non-commercial use), multiplatform, multimedia viewer, browser and editor

    other interesting programs

    Autopano Pro :
    Commercial, professional panorama stitching solution.

    Blue Marine by Fabrizio Giudici :
    open source java application for tasks like photo-geotagging, basic RAW support

    DispcalGUI :
    a GUI frontend for several color management utilities

    FreePV :
    free panorama viewer - in development

    GAMMApage :
    simple python application for applying the right gamma to your monitor

    GQview :
    open source, very fast, GTK image viewer with color management, currently unmaintained

    Geeqie :
    a new version of gqview, shares the same speed but adds more functionality, still unstable

    Hugin :
    open source, GTK frontend to panotools, a panorama stitching application

    imgSeek :
    QT, open source image viewer with unique search capabilities

    Immix :
    open source image merging application. create one noiseless image from many noisy (but similar) shots

    Jalbum :
    free web album software, needs java

    Lprof :
    icc profiler with GUI

    NDNoise :
    freeware java denoising application

    Noise Ninja :
    noise removing tool

    Panini :
    a visual tool for creating perspective views from panoramic and wide angle photographs

    Phatch :
    wxWidgets based batch printing application

    Photo Acute :
    commercial software that combines many shots into one, noiseless, sharp and in general better image. RAW support. There is no native linux release but company made windows version fully compatible with WINE.

    PhotoPrint :
    GPL utility for printing digital photographs (icc, 16 bits support)

    Photorec :
    an open source data recovery (various file types support, from .zip to camera RAW)

    PK-Remote :
    an open source application for controlling Pentax cameras using PC

    RPhoto :
    small application for rotating and cropping images

    Qimage :
    Commercial printing solution. I found a small note on their website that it works under linux using WINE, I didn't test it.

    Qtpfsgui :
    open source, QT application for HDR image merging, RAW support

    Rapid Photo Downloader :
    download, backup and rename your photos, GTK, GPL

    TurboPrint :
    commercial, advanced printing utility, free version (for private use, with some usability restrictions) available

    Unshake :
    free for personal use java application that recovers blurred images

    VueScan :
    advanced scanning utility, can read camera RAW files

    command-line tools (sometimes with simple GUI)

    ALE :
    GNU, command-line, utility that merges many images to get noiseless, high resolution result

    Argyll CMS :
    open source, ICC compatible color management system

    DCRaw :
    open source, command-line program for developing all RAW files, basic RAW IO code for many (even commercial) RAW developers, use UFRaw-batch if you want to do command line batch processing, has more possibilities and it is easier to use

    Modified DCRaw by Paul Lee :
    Experimental demosaicing algorithms coded by Paul Lee and published as modified dcraw

    ExactImage :
    yet another open source image processing library

    Exiflow :
    GPL EXIF tools (command line and GUI)

    gPhoto2 :
    a command line and GUI for managing your camera

    Graphics Magick :
    open source fork of Image Magick

    G'MIC :
    G'MIC is an open framework for processing images (there is GIMP plugin)

    Image Magick :
    open source, command-line tool for displaying, converting and editing images, good for writing scripts that will process hundreds of images

    Netpbm :
    open source, command-line tool for processing images

    PFScalibration :
    camera calibration and HDR merging tools

    Photomontage :
    a scientific project about merging images, source code available

    Xcalib :
    a monitor calibration loader for X window


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