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This section is dedicated to software tests. Browse it to find out how good or bad the software really is.


White balance test

Demosaicing test

Highlight recovery test

Shadow recovery test

Noise reduction test

Sharpening test

Test images download page


    Why another test?

    That's a good question. There are numerous tests on the internet, nearly every photography related magazine performs some kind of them. Unfortunately most of them are useless, too complicated, incomplete or simply untrustworthy. Another problem is lack of any (more or less complete) test of linux specific software. That's why I decided to start my own tests.

    Test rules

    External control is the most importatnt part of a test. All my test images may be downloaded (in RAW format) therefore independent testers will find all the mistakes and inconsistencies I may not even think about. I am open to every kind of cooperation and discussion. Please check the results for yourself. That's the best test you can get.
    A good test should be visual as numbers not always express what we see on the screen. A good test should allow to compare results between different software or hardware. A good test should be up to date and free from author's conclusions. I will keep to all those rules.
    I made my test images myself and all the copyrights belong to me. I allow every person to download them and use for personal tests and tests only. If you are willing to publish your test please drop me a line about it and add a link to this webpage.

    Linux vs Windows

    Those tests were designed to show the quality of software available for linux (commercial as well as open source). I recently realised that the results were not complete without some kind of comparison with the rest of the software, for example with Adobe Camera Raw, therefore I tested and added few of the most well known and respected applications. Results should show everybody if the quality of linux applications is as good as their windows or OSX friends. Draw your own conclusions.


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